Stenda Mining

Vanadium. Titanium. Iron ore.

About Stenda Mining

Stenda mining is a South African based company that, through international partnerships and collaboration, is involved in the mining, beneficiation and exporting of Vanadium, Titanium, and Iron ore.

Stenda Mining Services


Stenda Mining specialises in extracting valuable Vanadium, Titanium, and Iron ore through sustainable practices and advanced technology. Our skilled team ensures responsible resource utilisation, meeting industry demands and fostering economic growth.


Stenda Mining excels in enhancing the value and quality of minerals through advanced beneficiation techniques. By removing impurities and refining the minerals, we optimise their suitability for diverse applications, delivering products of the highest standards.


With a strong global network, Stenda Mining exports quality minerals extracted and processed in South Africa. Our reliable and efficient services handle logistics, documentation, and transportation, contributing to industry growth and meeting international standards.

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